I purchased this unit on 11/21/08 and it's build date is 02/2008 (which means my 5 year warranty is shorted by almost 3 months). This unit is now about 3-1/2 years old and the reverse valve has sprung a leak causing 10 lbs of refrigerant to leak out.

I understand that the warranty says that labor and refrigerant is not covered, but I believe that Rheem should cover this cost because this leakage was due to faulty equipment. I am extremely frustrated and upset that my previous 29 year old heating/cooling unit was completely replaced by an entire system that has only lasted 3-1/2 years. That means this unit cost me over $1200 dollars a year to own. For a $4200 dollar unit we are looking at repairs of almost $1500 dollars.

Before I bought this, I did my research and found good reviews on Rheem. Even the contractor was surprized at the short life of this one. I wrote a letter to Rheem . .

. so we will SEE just HOW GOOD this company REALLY is!!

I believe they should cover ALL of the costs!! I cannot afford this!!!

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It is based on installation date


My Rheem bought in 1977 is still running fine!


First off warranty does not start till system is installed second no system uses ten pounds of refrigerant. Third it could have been a bad install or a number of factors.

Rheem truly is the best and has the best warranty in the business. Sorry for your problems. Don't buy builders grade equipment though every brand has bottom end systems.

Spend your money and you will get a good product. 15yrs Nate certified tech in FLORIDA

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