Seeger Weiss is investigating claims for a class action suit against Rheem for defective evaporator coils in their air conditioning units (“AC units”). The Atlanta-based company has been a leader in the air conditioning industry, and consumers expect quality AC units that last. But that might not be the case with certain models of Rheem’s AC units.

It has been reported that the evaporator coils of Rheem units leak just a short time after installation. If the leaks occur under warranty, Rheem might elect to replace the coils. However, it has been reported that the company is only willing to cover the cost of the parts—not the cost of labor. Moreover, if the coils leak outside of the short warranty period, the consumer must pay the cost of replacement coils and the labor, which could total nearly $2,000.


Monetary Loss: $2000.

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This is infuriating. We have a brand new Rheem A/C just installed last year.

The evaporator coil went bad and though under warranty, cost us an additional $616.00 USD out of pocket for the service installation fee. The new part was ordered and installed by SharkeyAir, Stuart FL as of this day, Dec 7, 2018.

Please add us to the lawsuit. RHEEM MFG CO - FORT SMITH AK Model: RBHP-24J11SH4 MDF / FAB: 06/2017 Repair Description: Replace evaporator coil with txv valve of filter dryer; add 2 lbs R-410-A


This is the worst piece of junk installed by the Hurricane builder, the Rheem AC/Heat broke completely after 6 years of installment. I have regular maintenance every 6 months.


same here $2000 repair leak after 3 month repaire freon company grossamn garanty work for 1MONTH only


Our unit, bought in 2014, has leaked since we got it. Have to add freon twice a year.


My unit has leaked since new


cooper coil is leaking under warranty


I have had nothing but problems with my $8000 Rheem unit during the entire 3 years I have had it. They will not honor the warranty or replace the unit even though it is an obvious lemon.

The unit currently does not work at all and I can't afford to buy yet another unit.

I'm screwed due to this company's fraudulent, unethical, and money grubbing practices. Please add me to the class action lawsuit.

to Marilyn 718 #1590264

Amen, preaching to choir. A pathetic product.

to Marilyn 718 #1597403



The previous post was on the 4 ton.


I bought one 4 ton and two 2.5 ton units for my home in cape Coral FL. in Sept.

2015 I have had to replace the coil every year in October and again right now. So Oct 2016, Oct 2017 and again today.


i have a 2.5 ton Rheem unit for my upstairs in Atlanta. I purchased it in 2011.

In 2015 the first coil failed. The coil was replaced under warranty but I have had to pay for labor. Now in 2018 it has failed again. Coil still under warranty but labor is now double.

So, new coil every 3 years! Ridiculous.


I too got reamed by Rheem!


I have a Rheem ac and heater and have the same problem and would like to find out how to join the lawsuit abrower738@aol.com


Unit is about to have it's FOURTH evap coil since installation in 10/2012. Yes, Rheem has paid for the coils but it still costs me $800 in labor and $300 in recharge.

There will come a day in which I just tell them to rip out the Rheem unit, sue Rheem (or its agent) in small claims court for the max of $3500 and be done with the whole thing. Not sure how a company can keep putting in new coil units that eventually fail anyway.


Same thing here. Unit installed 7/20/2012.

By August 2012 needed a new coil as original was leaking. By 8/1/2017 I had to pay labor and Freon costs to add 4 lbs of Freon to the system.

By 7/2/2018 had to add 2 more lbs of Freon and contractor determined another leaky coil. A lot of money has been spent to keep this faulty air conditioner running


Me too. Unit installed in 2010.

Started leaking in 2015. Replaced coin in 2017.

Rheem paid for parts but not labor. 2018 still leaks 600 for parts and labor to hold the system for another 6 months....


I had Rheem system installed in my house Dec 2010 with 10 year warranty on the parts. The coil leaked in the summer of 2016.

I had to pay for the labor the coil to be replaced. Less than 2 years later i have again leaky coil.

Rheem is providing the replacement part, but i am on the hook for the labor. I am working with the company that sold and installed the system to find a solution.


Bought Rheem 4 ton 14 seer electric heat in 2014.Two years ago coil leaked and was replaced no charge. Now in 2018 a/coil replaced again and paid 500.00 but before another coil arrived had to have 3 1/2 pounds freon and paid 220.00.

Am calling 479-648-4900 to file a. Complaint/hopefully class action suit will result with all theses defective coils being installed.


This happened to us during the warranty. We first paid for them to spray a sealant on the leaking coils.

Lasted a few weeks. Almost $700. Wasted. They replaced the coils under warranty but the labor was around $1600.

Irony is that I researched a lot before purchasing Rheem over Carrier and Trane.All these companies knew the coils were faulty but installed them anyway. No integrity left in corporate America .

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