Seeger Weiss is investigating claims for a class action suit against Rheem for defective evaporator coils in their air conditioning units (“AC units”). The Atlanta-based company has been a leader in the air conditioning industry, and consumers expect quality AC units that last. But that might not be the case with certain models of Rheem’s AC units.

It has been reported that the evaporator coils of Rheem units leak just a short time after installation. If the leaks occur under warranty, Rheem might elect to replace the coils. However, it has been reported that the company is only willing to cover the cost of the parts—not the cost of labor. Moreover, if the coils leak outside of the short warranty period, the consumer must pay the cost of replacement coils and the labor, which could total nearly $2,000.


Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I too got reamed by Rheem!


I have a Rheem ac and heater and have the same problem and would like to find out how to join the lawsuit abrower738@aol.com


Unit is about to have it's FOURTH evap coil since installation in 10/2012. Yes, Rheem has paid for the coils but it still costs me $800 in labor and $300 in recharge.

There will come a day in which I just tell them to rip out the Rheem unit, sue Rheem (or its agent) in small claims court for the max of $3500 and be done with the whole thing. Not sure how a company can keep putting in new coil units that eventually fail anyway.


Same thing here. Unit installed 7/20/2012.

By August 2012 needed a new coil as original was leaking. By 8/1/2017 I had to pay labor and Freon costs to add 4 lbs of Freon to the system.

By 7/2/2018 had to add 2 more lbs of Freon and contractor determined another leaky coil. A lot of money has been spent to keep this faulty air conditioner running


Me too. Unit installed in 2010.

Started leaking in 2015. Replaced coin in 2017.

Rheem paid for parts but not labor. 2018 still leaks 600 for parts and labor to hold the system for another 6 months....


I had Rheem system installed in my house Dec 2010 with 10 year warranty on the parts. The coil leaked in the summer of 2016.

I had to pay for the labor the coil to be replaced. Less than 2 years later i have again leaky coil.

Rheem is providing the replacement part, but i am on the hook for the labor. I am working with the company that sold and installed the system to find a solution.


Bought Rheem 4 ton 14 seer electric heat in 2014.Two years ago coil leaked and was replaced no charge. Now in 2018 a/coil replaced again and paid 500.00 but before another coil arrived had to have 3 1/2 pounds freon and paid 220.00.

Am calling 479-648-4900 to file a. Complaint/hopefully class action suit will result with all theses defective coils being installed.


This happened to us during the warranty. We first paid for them to spray a sealant on the leaking coils.

Lasted a few weeks. Almost $700. Wasted. They replaced the coils under warranty but the labor was around $1600.

Irony is that I researched a lot before purchasing Rheem over Carrier and Trane.All these companies knew the coils were faulty but installed them anyway. No integrity left in corporate America .


This is the 4th coil that has been put in my air unit since I have bought my new townhouse and I am fed up with it,,Thank goodness my HOA association is paying for the labor of $ 500 .I can't go thru this again. My electric bill goes up sky high..Hopefully all this will get settled soon


I have two Rheem "ultra" systems in my home, which I built new in 2009. My home builder and authorized Rheem contractor installed both units.

The AC contractor, one month after our moved in, presented us with two warranties (one for each unit) that carried warranty coverage on both our units until November of 2019. The contractor informed me that he "had registered both units within a week of installation and that I had to do nothing else to guarantee warranty coverage." None - the- less, I called Rheem and was assured by their "customer service" that my coverage was total since the AC contractor had filed/registered everything within 60 days. As a side note, I had a Rheem/Ruud system in my previous home that lasted 30 plus years with only minor repairs during that time, and thus assumed I'd never have to use these warranties on my two new units. As fortune would have it, within two years, my 4 ton unit (Evap coil) failed and had to be replaced.

I do not remember paying anything (labor or parts) for that repair. My assumption was that, as both my AC contractor and Rheem customer service had promised, my Rheem systems were completely covered. Fast forward to April 2018. My 4 ton unit began shutting down and showing and "L 21" code.

It would shut down as many as 3 -4 times per day. My Rheem authorized AC specialist had already replaced two fan motors and a circuit board this past year, and the warranty covered the parts but not the labor. Now, it appeared that the (Evap coil) was leaking again and causing the "L 21" (Low Pressure) code. Both the Rheem authorized technicians and I went round and round with Rheem regarding even the existence of my warranty.

Finally, a dedicated customer service rep at Rheem found my warranty and confirmed both units were cover to Nov 2019. The tech got the coil and installed it. I payed the labor cost and thought we were done. The next day, I get a call from the tech telling me that Rheem was not going to pay for the coil because my unit's warranty was never registered.

Now remember two fan motors, and a complete circuit board were replaced via Rheem warranty within the last year. I called Rheem customer service and was told that "only my "outside" unit" was registered. I was stunned. Now, I am a retired Air Force fighter pilot and am considered a fairly astute and well read person.

It never dawned on my that a home air-conditioning system was two completely separate systems (one outside and one in the attic) demanding two completely separate warranties. I would have never thought I'd have to climb up into the attic to get a model and serial and register my air handler (where the evap coil is located), and apparently neither did my Rheem contractor because (remember) he said he registered my AC unit and I had nothing to worry about. I was handed my "Ultra" warranty's for both units by the Rheem company who installed both systems, and that warranty says nothing about two separate systems or warranties. Something is really wrong here.

Is there any help out there to get Rheem to act like they care about their customers. By the way, the "Evap coil" that came out of the unit was a mess. The tech showed me where the leak was, and said he'd seen a bunch that looked the same.

He thought the "new" aluminum unit would be much better. Unfortunately, the Evap Coil on my second unit may be failing/leaking too.


I replace my AC units a few years ago with Rheem products. I have had problems every year with leaking coil.

Fortunately, they have replaced the coils every year but have not covered the labor cost.

I have spent enough money over the past five years to have replace both units again. I am thinking about replacing them to save myself long term and will never buy a Rheem product again.


I have a Rheem and have had problems with it since installation.


I bought a new builder spec house in 10/2014 that had a Rheem heat pump installed at construction. Now, in May 2018 air conditioning quit cooling.

Rheem service tech that installed the new unit came out today on service call and says coil has a leak and needs to be replaced and he will order replacement coil and install next week. He put over 4 pounds of Freon in today to get it to where it’d cool again until new coil comes in and I pay a $265 bill today that’s not covered by Rheem’s warranty for the replacement Freon. I also have to pay at least an additional $400 next week for the labor to install the “warrantied” faulty coil.

Installer says this is a known problem with Rheem and other HVAC brands that also use these same copper coils. If this doesn’t qualify for a class-action lawsuit from individual consumer/homeowners that have been bilked out of thousands of dollars per unit due to a manufacturer that has knowingly sold faulty coils in their HVAC units to the public, then nothing else should qualify either.


I’m so angry over this Rheem unit. It was purchased May 2014.

It has consistently broken down every year since. Now the installers wont respond to my calls. At first it was under warranty. Now it isn’t.

$300 a pop.

It’s May 14 2018 and it’s broken. Gonna be in the 90s today.


This exact thing happened to me, I have paid for so many repairs shortly after installation and the company has done nothing in all the time I have filed complaints with them, I would like to file suit.Installed new 2012, 2013 had to replace evaporator coil, 2014, condenser coil, 2017 labor for leaks and other things, replacement of valves and heating element removed from tech to replace, but never returned as they wanted more money to replace.


I had the same failure of new Rheem coils within two years and filed with the state of SC consumer repairs, but do not have a disposition. I paid $2500 for installation labor and also the coil failure caused freezing that damaged my ceiling for $1300 damage.

From what I have researched, the design of the Rheem coils was seriously deficient for the new

federal regulations of the past few years.

As the SEER requirements rose

for efficiency, the engineering design of all manufacturer's copper

coil tubes became thinner. At the

same time, the change from freon R22 to the new R410A caused the compressor pressure to more than double to above 300 psig. The thinner tubes, plus much higher system pressure, caused the tiny formicary holes that used to be unnoticed or small insignificant leaks before, to become major failures. All manufacturers assumably knew of formicary corrosion before these stricter federal regulations came into place.

It was written about on the internet many years ago. For example, Trane recognized the issue and changed their design beforehand to aluminum coils. (Aluminum does not react to the formic acid and allow the holes. Aluminum is difficult to work with and repair, so Rheem apparently didn't want to switch.

But at least aluminum doesn't fail and leak within 2 years!). Rheem did not make the proactive design changes to go to the aluminum coil. Rheem has only recently gone to aluminum coils, almost overnight, seemingly only once they began receiving the failure reports from the field contractors.

This was seemingly a move on Rheem's part to avoid the higher costs of working with aluminum, at the expense of their customers. The technology and ability to avoid this issue was available- if only Rheem had made the same decision as Trane, we would not have these issues!

to Dennis Brooks #1563069

Since my original purchase of a Rheem A/C system, I have had to have the evaporator coil replaced 3 times. I've had the system freeze up almost every year since 2011 which my system was purchased.

Sometimes the sales company would "find" some small pin hole or something and refused to replace the coil.

This weekend the fan blades on the compresser fell off and cut the coil and it had to be replaced again along with the blades. I've spent enough in service calls that I could have paid for a whole new system.


We have a Rheem air handler and heat pump purchased only 4 years ago brand new.

Purchase date 5/25/2013.

3/20/15 - Replaced compressor/line drier. Found that the indoor TXV was not feeding properly. Would need to be replaced.

3/24/15 - Replaced indoor TXV. Found that compressor valves were bad.

Compressor that was replaced on 3/20/15 was bad before installing it. They would have to replace the TXV when they replace the compressor again.

3/27/15 - Added Renew to system. Will recheck in a few days. $650.00

4/2/15 - Rechecked system.

Unit was making hissing noise. Reversing valve had gone bad and was replaced. 7/7/17 - Home Service equipment tune-up. $180.00 Refrigerant pressure tested and washed condensor coils.

All good. 10/7/17 - A/C making hissing noise all throughout the house. House 85+ degrees Had maintenace tuneup due for that date. Company said that blower motor is going and needed to be replaced.

He would order the part on Monday and would probably be here on Tuesday. 10/12/17 - 5 days/night without a/c 85 degree or higher outside. Company came out and removed blower assembly to find that the blower wheel had broken in the middle. He had to get the wheel from another store 20 miles away.

Replace blower assembly and wheel and checked outside unit for tune up. Unit was low on freon. "Muffler" unit was rusty and "leaking". Filled with 6 #s of R-410A.

Needs Muffler and outdoor TXV unit. Today's amount $270.00 and one missed day of work. 10/13/17 - Company called to say that labor for muffler and TXV would be $1100. We've had the same guy work on our unit and I'm not sure if it is because of his inefficiencies.

Something is definitely wrong with whole scenario. They come out to fix someone and something else needs to be fixed. We are fed up. Is there ANY help out there on this?

The labor is killing us. We were told that if we bought a brand new unit (inside and out) that we wouldn't have these problems.

We've had more problems now than with our old system. Help!

to Margaret Baker #1525208

i have same issues for past 5 yrs


I have a Rheem A/C unit for my home. It was installed in May of 2011

The copper evaporator coil started showing signs of serious leakage in 2015 and again in 2016.

My installer was unable to find the leak so he just kept refilling the R410. Finally in the Spring of 2017 the system was very low so he kept testing until he found the evaporator coil was the cause of the constant leaking. So he removed the copper coil and Rheem told him my copper coil was now out of the 5 yr warranty. So he installed a new aluminum Rheem evaporator coil.

I had to pay $750 to replace the coil. This problem was a known type of failure and Rheem should have replaced the defective copper coil with a new aluminum coil under warranty. I should NOT have had to pay $750.

PG Balazsy

Haledon, NJ 07508

Pbpix@optonline. net


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