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In Dec,2010; I had to replace my A/C and air handler.

Went online looking for a Rheem dealer in the central Fl area and found one. Then looked at the BBB site and saw he was rated at:A+ and had 3 complaints against his company. Thought he must be darn good.

Called the company and the owner came out. I showed him my old A/C unit and he said it looked like it was in good condition but was a 10 SEER. I told him I wanted to replace it with a 16 SEER. I also explained that the A/C worked good and my problem was caused by one of the Rheem 5 amp heating elements burning out. The element was on recall due to several house fires. The element was replaced with a 3 amp coil but it took forever to heat my home.

After explaining again that I wanted a 16 SEER A/C compressor,he went to his truck and filled out his proposal. When he was done,he got back out of his truck and handed it to me.

It clearly stated a 16 SEER compressor with a 13 EER.He had also placed model numbers for the A/C and handler on this proposal. I did ask if he had any reading material on this and he said,"No".

Well, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and he did sign his proposal,so I said install it.

I did go to the Rheem site and try to find the A/C model he had listed but Rheem's site could not locate it. I thought perhaps it was just a mistake with him writing down the wrong number,and let it go at that.

His crew came out 2 days later and installed everything and did a nice neat job installing everything. I had Heat again and was happy.

That weekend a friend came out to view my new A/C and air handler. While looking at the A/C,he asked where is the SEER number. I told him I did'nt know, but it had to be there someplace. He looked and found it on the back side of the unit facing the wall of my house. He told me it was a 14.5 SEER. My air handler is rated at 100% efficiency; and that is impossible.

I sent him a Email and accused him of Bait and Switch and he then called me on the phone and told me if a mistake in loading the proper equipment on the truck was made, then he would make it right.

I then get Email from him telling me that I got just what I ordered and in the future any Email to him had to go through his front desk because he was out working fixing heating problems.

I then filed a complaint with the local BBB office and that was just a run around. (Google in Complaints against BBB); quite a list from the news media.

As to this problem;(Not one item on his proposal was installed at my home).We go to court on: March 1st 2011.

Will I win? I don't know about that; but I do know I will never purchase another Rheem product again.

As to the local company I contracted with;The poor guy just wanted to maximize his profit margin at the consumers expense by calling a Rheem,14.5 SEER unit a 16 SEER because of the air handler. Nice way to screw people.

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Palm Coast, Florida, United States #1235997

Why is this the fault of Rheem and not the installer? If you were suppose to get a 16 Seer and got a14.5 Seer that has not a thing to do with the product itself.

It is the wrong model of equipment. Instead of blaming the manufacturer of the product of which they make a 16 seer, you should be blaming the company that installed it!


as far as the cond unit 14.5-just so you know

the 14 ajm series has a tag on energy eff tag

yellow witch says 14.5-but that does not mean you didnt get a 16 seer system/when combined with the rhll/or rhpn airhandler.if a permit was issued the contractor submits the permit app.and list the combination of units to get 16 seer.check the combination on

scott g fla a/c contractor for 30 yrs.


The hang tag on the unit is when matched with the most common air handler sold, not with the system you got. You would have to post model numbers specifically.

Electric heat air handlers are all rated at 100% efficiency. This is because all watts put into it are converted to heat in your home. Cost has nothing to do with it and they dont come with electric heat. Your installer adds the heat needed.

Post model numbers for outdoor unit and indoor air handler and quit listening to your know nothing neighbor. If you purchased this to get a tax credit you should have recieved a certificate of efficiency from the contractor with the AHRI stamp on it.

All I see is ignorance showing itself here. But hey, you are the one who said it.


I would call Rheem and the state of texas regarding this matter.You will get results quiker than any judge.Good luck

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