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I just had installed a Rheem RARL-JEZ Prestige 16 seer 4 ton air conditioner and a RGRM Classic 90 Plus with Dual Comfort Control furnance. Rheem's brochure stated the air conditioner was a 16 Seer and that it would go up to a 17.10 seer with a compatible furnace which I did purchase. The information in the brochure is not correct because according to my installer who contacted Rheem after I inquired about getting a true 16 seer output was informed that Rheem does not make a compatible system that goes up to 16 seer in anything below a 5 ton.

I wonder how many people purchased a 16 seer air conditioner not knowing they were really getting a 14 seer. The information in the brochure is at best misleading because it does not say up to 16 seer it clearly states 16 seer and the installer agreed with me. My proposal from the installer clearly states that I was getting a Rheem prestige 16 seer air conditioner. I paid for a 16 seer and that's what I thought I was getting.

I'm weighing my options as to my next course of action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rheem Air Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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homeowner bought the equipment ...let him figure it out.....what a bonehead

Benton, Arkansas, United States #1155551

The Rheem 4 Ton Rheem 14 SEER R-410A Air Conditioner Condenser (Classic) are now in the 1500.00 price range for just the condenser. My friend is a HVAC licensed Tech, he has installed and used Rheem products for years.

He recommended this system for my home to replace my >20 y/o coleman 4 ton condenser. You must replace all copper, the inside coil, and re-insulate all lines, and handler. My technician stated that my handler was in good condition and all my duct work is well insulated so it was unnecessary to replace my whole system. The A/C system pretty much no matter what brand only performs as well as its installation.

I suggest doing some more research, and if it was sold to you under false pretenses, then you may have legal justification. Otherwise its a loss of money on your part.

Dallas, Texas, United States #696211

Seriously? I just downloaded the specification sheet from Rheem.com for the model you referenced to see for myself.

Starting on page 22, I saw several combinations of condensing unit, coil and furnace that were 16 SEER or better. I stopped counting at 30. FYI, the condensing unit does not have *any* SEER on its own, only as part of a system. I challenge you to drop one next to your house without connecting it to any other piece of equipment and see how well it cools your house.

I further challenge you to do a little research the next time you spend $4000 on something. It might help you avoid damaging a company's reputation when they don't deserve it, avoid being foolishly immortalized on the internet for the whole world to see, and be a smarter consumer, to boot.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #694698

I think everyone missed the problem.

This guy that's complaining sounds like he bought the system online, and then hired the contractor to install it thinking he was saving money. If that's the case you get what you pay for not knowing what your getting, He did say his installer did call rheem and checked for him the seer rating dosent sound like it was the contractors fault.

Just someone being CHEEP


Sounds like a shady HVAC contractor! Ive been installing Rheem for years and your contractors story doesn't make any sense!!


Your contractor needs to make sure the system is sized properly. Too many contractors are afraid of providing the right system to their clients because they are afraid of losing the sale. When in fact, the system will perform as stated under the designed loads and for the proper application.

Keep in mind, that Seer Ratings, while effective, are provided in a labrotory setting with average conditions. If your line set is a foot longer than spec, it will affect your efficiency, if the contractor has the system undersized or OVERsized it too will affect it.


Always ask for the AHRI Certificate for the combination they are offering you. When you get the certificate make sure you model numbers are the certificate match what is on your contract.

AHRI is a third party testing organization that verifies the efficiency of different combinations of equipment. Every proposal I write includes a AHRI certificate.


Your installer is the one here that needs to provide documentation.

You would need to have posted complete model numbers of the Condenser, Furnace, and Coil in order for the SEER to be determined. you have a premium set up there based on what you have. Dont blame Rheem for the antics of the guy YOU hired.


Rheem and Ruud do have units that rage from 13 seer to 19.5 seer. I know I sell them.

check consumer digest July 2009. Rated # 1 system. I have a 16 seer ruud and its does a better job then the carrier I had. So your ac company ripped you off.

We a large union company and we don't bait and switch. Ron Miami, Florida Edd Helms Air Conditioning.

Any Mouse

The condensing unit is not ANY SEER on its own. The SEER is determined by the combination of equipment installed.

Who determines that combination? YOUR INSTALLER, not Rheem! FWIW, Rheem DOES make more than one model that is 5 ton, and 16 SEER with the right coil & furnace. And, you didn't buy ANYTHING from Rheem.

You bought it from your installer.

If you didn't get what you contracted for, blame your installer; that's who you contracted with. And in your case, he just plain lied to you.


Yes it really is a 16 seer unit but depending on your furnace and coil it ranges from 13.5 to 18.5. With that furnace it is possible to get a 16 seer rating.

Look up for your self at ahridirectory.com. If a havc company promises ratings or even suggest ratings ask for a ahri rating certificate.

And then verify the model numbers. My company used to sell rheem and I think they are the best in name brand but expensive

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