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I had a 4 year old Rheem water heater tank, and it stopped working. I called and asked how I can replace it and take advantage of the warranty, and the person actually told me that it was "recommended for replacement".

I asked how to go about it and he said "take it back to the distributor". I told him that I obviously cannot do that so who do they have to recommend to do that for me. He told me to look at their website or look in the yellowpages. I took one plumbing company from their list, the guy came to give assessment/quote, but told me that they cannot deal with the warranty issue thus I had to deal directly with Rheem.

He did not want to work on it then, so he left. I called Rheem again, and another customer service guy gave me another plumber's number. I called that one, a guy came out, told me the same stuff plus " I cannot do the work unless Rheem send me a work order". Rheem never mentioned I needed a work order.

I called Rheem again, now the new person tells me that the tank's serial number is the authorization number. So I called the plumber #1 again, told them what Rheem said, the person on the phone said they still don't do that. Whaat?? By this time, a week has passed.

My building(I am one of the condo tenants) has 2 more Rheems which are taking all the load of the broken one. I had to have it taken care of ASAP so I found the 3rd plumber who came out and did a great job replacing it quickly, but they did not replace it with Rheem. So now Rheem does not want to have anything to do with the warranty...while is part is fair enough, but I really feel that if Rheem was able to give me a straight information with a plumber who could deal with warranty in the first place, then there wouldn't have been any problem.

I cannot believe that "customer service" by Rheem is so unhelpful. I will never want to have a Rheem products again.

Review about: Rheem Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #732351

This does not sound right. I had a Rheem spring a leak after only a couple of years or so of use and upon calling Rheem customer service, I gave them my serial number, etc.

and then called my local plumbing company who verified with Rheem and replaced the unit. All at no cost to me.

The plumber took the old unit and replaced with a new one. Something has either changed for the worse at Rheem or something is awry with this story.

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