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Installed Rheem water heater in September of 2016. In July of 2018, noticed rust and paint flaking around the bottom of the unit.

Heater has a 6 year warranty. Rheem refuses to honor warranty to replace unit. They won’t even send someone out to look at it in person. They blame it in condensation because it’s in a basement, even though it’s elevated off the floor and 5 feet from a dehumidifier.

Pretty consistent practice for this company. Bad reviews all over the internet. BBB refuses to help as well.

This company gets to screw over its customers and no one cares. I will never buy another Rheem product.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Warranty process where customer has to service, Product bad, Offered zero resolution, Poor design.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jul 10.
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You may have a defective unit. For sure you blew the complaint process.

Not once do I read that you issued a formal written complaint served via Certified Mail return receipt requested. "Rheem refuses" ... did they refuse in writing or did you simply place a telephone call and get rebuffed ?

Telephone calls and e-mails are absolutely worthless when it comes to real complaining. You must establish a legally admissible timeline of grievance otherwise you are just hot stale air that they blow away as soon as you hang up.


That's not "elevated off the floor" - it is sitting on a board. At least if it leaks and floods you'll kill all the mice and cockroaches.

to Stu #1541428

Hilarious. 3-stars for you.


How often have you drained the tank bottom through the "spigot" ( I can't use the actual term because it will be censored ) ? What does the owner's manual suggest ?

Does it have a standard water hose connector ?

Was there an abnormal amount of water pooled up and what was its consistency - clear or discolored ? Any leaks or floor puddles ?

to WalterWater #1532946

I drain mine when we reset the clocks every six months.

to Tom #1539915

He's never drained it. Most people don't have any idea about that - especially not that dim-bulb who posted the gripe.

to Tom #1547679

Same day I change smoke detector batteries.

to WalterWater #1540353

My guess is that it has never been drained. Most people don't know about that even though it is plainly stated in the instructions. I suppose those folks know more about everything than you do anyhow.


You are vulgar and obnoxious and oblivious to the truth. I tried to offer suggestions but you're not willing to listen.

I won't try to confuse you with the facts because your mind is already made up.

I don't need to swear or point fingers (especially the middle one) just because someone doesn't see it your myopic way. Idiot, I won't return to this post for your reply because I've wasted enough of my time on you.

to Anonymous #1556349

Yahoo ! Vulgar, obnoxious, and oblivious - strike 3, you're out.


Learn it , live it, remember it : The BBB can and will do nothing. It is an urban legend whose time has come and gone, replaced by other internet based forums.

They have no legal authority and are not the Commerce Police. You can't expect a brand new unit after several years under any circumstances ; you may be entitled to working repairs under warranty terms. What is your water chemistry ? Acidic ?

Alkaline ? Have you checked ? Water softener with salt ?

Corrosive. $400 is a cheap water heater.

to Anonymous #1520035

It’s not even 2 years old genius. It has a 6 year warranty.

It shouldn’t be rusting after less than 2 years. Sorry, but not everyone can afford a $1000 water heater and I wouldn’t put an expensive water heater on well water anyway.

Yes, I have hard, shitty well water with lots of iron, but it is heavily filtered with 2 5 micron filters and a dedicated iron filter. Go be an *** somewhere else.

to Anonymous #1520525

Iron ? Sulfur is even worse, what about that ?

Got a leak somewhere ? Your reply to the first poster was out of line.

to Anonymous #1550361

No swearing. This is a family friendly website.

to Anonymous #1542992

That's right about the BBB. They don't do a thing except take a report.

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